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1 Corinthians 9:9-12   /   Galatians 6:6



is an independient prophetic ministry supported by the collaboration of common people, churches and organizations who identify themselves with our mission. If you want to support us you have some different ways to accomplish your wish:


How can you support us? 


By praying: Specially if you pray that God continues imparting his grace in our work. But please, let us know if you are really praying for us! So we can rejoice for your loving prayer.


By offerings and finantial support: We thank with all our heart your support. If you voluntary want to do this you will find our bank data below

With a normal bank transfer:

Horacio Valera Cucinelli
Konto-Nummer: 0260476115
IBAN: DE75100100100260476115

Through the Deutsche Post or Western Union:


Those who are interested in it should first send an email and then they will get a tutorial on how to do that.

Thank you very much

Please click on the logo to start the process.
Thank you

Please click on the logo to start the process.
Thank you

Is it possible to send cash by mail in Germany?

Yes, please click on EXPLANATION