This moves our heart

Commitment? Only with God and His Word. We are convinced God moves within the framework of principles and principles are supported by values, not by methods or systems.


We help to edify and to equip the body of Jesus in cooperation with the fivefold ministry, as in Ephesians 4: 11-16.

We aim at the formation of the character of those who long to serve in the prophetic ministry, accompanying with a dynamic and personal discipleship. We believe in the coherence and harmony between of life and ministry.


We appreciate fellowship and respect the work and ministry of other servants, knowing that we are not competing against anyone but running a career together with a single goal: That the Name of God be glorified.

To prophesy is to reveal the counsel of God. Make your heart known to men. There is no more sure and safer prophetic word than the Holy Scriptures. Everything in her tells us about only one thing: Jesus. And the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.

God wants to start a new reform...

No better country as Germany to shake the world... Germany is a key for Europe and a new Reform will star here. As a prophetic generation we have the challenge of recovering the value of words. A reform is only possible if we repeant, if we pray and if we are ready to obey God and to reject religious formats.